William McIntyre, Jr.


As Chairman of The McIntyre Company, Bill McIntyre is responsible for the vision, direction and investment decisions of the company.   Bill attended Covina High School and earned a B.S. from the USC Marshall School of Business, and, in addition to his role at The McIntyre Company, Bill also sits on the board of directors of the University of La Verne and the Covina Irrigating Company.



Linda Logan


As Executive Vice President, Linda Logan is responsible for overseeing the corporate operations of The McIntyre Company.  She serves as Bill McIntyre’s right-hand, and plays a key role in all company ventures.  Prior to joining The McIntyre Company, Linda obtained her B.S. in Business Administration from Cal Poly Pomona.   To date, she has been with the Company for almost 25 years. 

Andrew McIntyre


As President, Andrew McIntyre is involved in both the vision and direction of The McIntyre Company.  Andrew attended the University of Southern California where he earned a degree in Public Policy Management and Planning.  Andrew is currenly Chairman of the Covina Chamber of Commerce, and sits on the Citrus Valley Health Foundation Board.

Leadership Today


About The McIntyre Company


The McIntyre Company was founded by William Cleveland McIntyre in 1946 in the aftermath  of the Great Depression and WWII.  His son, William Louis, Sr., worked as a butcher early on, and served in the United States Army from 1942-1945.  After his service, William Louis, Sr. returned home to attend college and to learn the family trade of development.  

In 1947, father and son looked for a location where they could build homes for returning American servicemen and where William Louis, Sr. could settle down to raise his new family and establish a successful business.   They headed east along Garvey Avenue until they found an ideal location: The City of Covina.  In 1947, they purchased a piece of land in the City, sub-divided it and built their first two homes. Together, the two would build more than 1,500 new homes in the area over a 30-year span.

​In the late 1960s, William Louis, Sr., with his son, William (Bill) Louis, Jr., began developing small office buildings on major Covina thoroughfares. Their first office building, located on Rowland Street, has been The McIntyre Company headquarters for more than 40 years.

With the continued success of the office projects, Bill, Jr. eventually turned his attention from home building to the development and management of investment properties.  Since 1972, under Bill's watch as Chairman, The McIntyre Company has developed over 1,000,000 square feet of office and retail properties and has developed an additional 600 homes. Today, Bill Jr. maintains his role as Chairman of The McIntyre Company.